Cars do more Harm than Good



Cars do more Harm than Good — Debate 9


Arguments Against:

Autos are highly desirable for obvious reasons. We need to recognize this and adapt accordingly.

Cars enable people to become more mobile. Without cars, the world would consist of many isolated communities.

Long distances can be covered rapidly, comfortably and conveniently.

China needs cars to complete its construction of modernization.

Busses are often crowded and slow, especially during the rush hour, with more cars people could get around more easily.

Riding a bicycle is tiring and uncomfortable especially when the weather is bad or very hot. People are more protected riding in cars.

With the popularization of cars, the suburbs will become more developed, and the downtown area will be less crowded.

If there were more cars in the rural areas, people could get to the cities more easily.

The gap between the city and the countryside would become smaller.

Possessing a car gives one a much greater degree of mobility, enabling him to move around freely

The owner of a car is not forced to rely on public transport and is not compelled to work locally

Traveling by car is more comfortable because they can adjust the heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Cars do not cause accidents, drivers do. Driver training and enforcement of driving laws would cut accidents rates by great amount.

Road and fuel tax will allow the national road system to expand and make cars even more valuable.

Expansion of underground and multi-story car parks can solve the parking problem.

Electric cars, hydrogen powered cars can solve pollution problems in the future.

China needs a vast network of roads and a vehicle system to compete in the international markets.

The new fuel cell cars do not need gasoline.

Older people will have a better chance of going places.

Car ownership can result in many new jobs in repair and service.

Modern nations need better and faster transportation systems.

Car owners lead happier lives with their new status.